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“The Crossings on Airport” Apartment Fire – 8200 West Airport at South Gessner, June14th, 2011

This is the unofficial website representing the Firefighters of Houston Firehouse 68.

Firehouse 68 is one of the busiest fire stations in city of Houston, and also serves as home to the busiest district for the Houston Fire Department. The other fire stations in District 68 are: 51’s, 73’s, & 82’s.

Located at the corner of Bissonnet & South Gessner, Firehouse 68 is in the heart of Southwest Houston, the most densely populated area of the city. Firehouse 68’s still-alarm territory includes multi-story apartment complexes, high-rise commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, big-box retail & strip-centers, and residential single family homes. The area is also home to a very diverse population, including immigrants from Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America.

Kneeling Sam Memorial LogoOn May 31st of 2013 the Houston Fire Department suffered its worst loss in department history. Four firefighters perished, and multiple others were injured at the Southwest Inn Fire. Especially devastating to District 68 was the loss of two firefighters from Engine 51 – Captain Mathew Renaud, and Chauffeur Robert Bebee; as well as two firefighters from Engine 68 – Robert Garner, and Anne Sullivan. Also critically injured in the fire was Engine 68 Captain William “Iron Bill” Dowling. Later in the fire multiple other firefighters would become injured in the rescue effort. Most seriously injured were Anthony Livesay, and Robert Yarbrough – both from Rescue. To learn more about that day click the Firehouse 68 memorial logo.

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*Editor’s Note: A very special thanks goes to: Jay Grantham who designed, launched, and maintained the original 68’s website back in 2001; Ryan Newcom who helped design and launch this site in 2006, and to Traci Davis who helped overhaul this site in 2012. Thank you each so much for all your generosity, help, and support!