In Memoriam

Fallen Four Mugshot

Pictured left to right: Robert Bebee, Mathew Renaud, Robert Garner, & Anne Sullivan.

A year has passed since the fire at the Southwest Inn on May 31st, 2013 took the lives of four of our firefighters, as well as injuring many more. This memorial section will be updated as time goes on, as a lasting way to honor our lost brothers and sister; as well as give others who would like to learn more about them and their sacrifice the chance to do so. For now, all the content that was on the front page of the website has been moved here until the memorial page is finished.


In September Firehouse 68 took delivery of their new Engine, a 2013 Spartan Gladiator. The members of the A-Shift held a private ceremony with friends and family to dedicate the new engine to Robert Garner, Anne Sullivan, and Captain Bill Dowling. Click the picture above to see more.

“Kneeling Sam” Memorial Logo Kneeling Sam Memorial LogoThis memorial version of 68’s logo was created to honor our fallen brother and sister. Click the picture above to learn more about how it came to be.


Accounts have been set up for the benefit of our fallen firefighters, as well as those firefighters injured at the fire, at the Houston Firefighters’ Credit Union:

Captain Matthew Renaud (51’s): Account #236014

Chauffeur Robert Bebee (51’s): Account #236015

Firefighter Robert Garner (68’s): Account #236016

Firefighter Anne Sullivan (68’s): Account #236017

Captain William Dowling (68’s): Account #236018

Chauffeur Anthony Livesay (Rescue): Account #236023

Firefighter Robert Yarbrough (Rescue): Account #236024



“Iron Man, Iron Will, IRON BILL!”

Captain Bill Dowling was critically injured in the fire that took our three brothers and one sister. He is still in the ICU fighting for his life. The following verified recovery funds have been setup that you may donate to:

(Operated by Jake Adams on behalf of the Dowling Family. Donations go to a benefit fund in Captain Dowling’s name at Woodforest Bank.)

(Operated by HFD E/O Jaron Black 26/D on behalf of the Dowling Family. Donations go to a benefit fund in Captain Dowling’s name at the Houston Firefighters Credit Union via Paypal.)

(Operated by the Dowling Family Church & Child Ministry Organization: WoodsEdge Community Church and Arrow Child & Family Ministries.)

(Donation and personal support page operated by Captain Dowling’s family. Requires a log-in, Facebook log-in accepted.)



Captain Dowling wristbands are available for order at

(All profit from sales of wristbands sold on wristband Connection will go to the benefit fund in Captain Dowling’s name at Woodforest Bank.)



The members of 51’s and 68’s want to extend a huge thanks to Wristband Connection for their continued support of the HFD in our time of need. They have been donating these wristbands for us to sell, with ALL proceeds going back directly to the families of the fallen. Thank you Wristband Connection!

Wristbands are on sale at 68’s and available for order at



Memorial T-shirts are SOLD OUT at all locations. Memorial decals still available at 51’s and 68’s for $5.00 each. Both 51’s, 68’s, and the Houston Fire Museum have station t-shirts for sale – price varies by location.